Our story,


The older we are, the more we realized that we were marching with the flow, completely absorbed by work and obligations.


Physical symptoms were the result.

So we needed a change.


Gradually the idea grew to place work in our independent business to a stop and emigrate abroad.

This despite the fact that we were aware that we would miss a lot.

Two of our three sons would remain in Belgium .... just Jochem, our second son would emigrate.

Our border collie named Havel is with us.


In 2016, it was time.

We exchanged the Campine Beerse (B) for sunny Alora with one goal in mind: we wanted to be rich!

Not rich in terms of money, but rich in enjoying moments, warm human contacts, inner peace, health, contact with nature, simplicity, ..


Now we are ready we string these beads of precious moments together as they form the pearls of our dream life.


Warm welcome at Casa las Olivas!

Ingrid and Dirk

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